Just because you have tattoos doesn’t mean you don’t have a soft side.

Ugh, so adorable. ehkfbwedfj

I really hate the social stigma of tattoos. It’s fucking ink on your body not a will to murder.
Even my mom said to me once; “Only lower income people get tattoos. You don’t see doctors or lawyers with them.”
That’s because they have them under their lab coat. Or suit. Like, who cares if my doctor has a skull on his arm. Is it hindering his ability to take care of me? No, absolutely not. It’s ink. On his arm. Expressing himself.
I really wish people didn’t hate tattoos so much.

Also tattoos are expensive
Lower income people can’t afford them

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If you don’t know your personality type, take the test here.

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I got
Ezio from assassin’s creed
Marco From AOT
Elizabeth from Bioshock
Donna Nobel From Doctor Who
Maes Huges From FMA
Lilly Potter From Harry Potter
Bert from Mary Poppins
Harvey Milk





So fucking sick and tired of being called that word.

"You’re so HOSTILE.  Why are you so offended over a stranger treating you like a sexual object?"

And another one of my favorites:

"If you don’t like being harassed, you should just IGNORE it!"

Fuck you, I’m in no mood.

yeah how dare someone call you sexually appealing and asking if you’re interested in participating in a sexual fling

on a DATING SITE nonetheless!! God forbid!!

Ha. “Harassment”. It’s not like dating sites are set up for MESSAGING PEOPLE YOU’RE INTERESTED IN OR ANYTHING. Whether you accept the apology or not, you put on your big girl panties and accept the fact that he is LEAVING THE CONVERSATION. Don’t keep it going if you don’t want it to continue?? Trying to prove a point by ACTUALLY BEING hostile??

I have a beautiful counter-argument, though:

Stop slut-shaming people who are interested in only hooking up by claiming they only care about/want supposed “sex toys”. Stop slut-shaming people by claiming that if they’re interested in only hooking up, they must be gruesome pigs with little to no respect for themselves or anything else.

I’m a bisexual female who uses okcupid. I get my fair share of guys who compliment me or, have mercy, just say “hi”. But OBVIOUSLY it’s harassment because, even though I willingly joined a dating site with open messaging features, EVERYONE should know my wants and needs.

(This is different, though, from the guys who legitimately harass/multiple-message people and are selfish douches. You responded to the messages and insulted him multiple times.)

If we had a messaging conversation like this and you went on to me like this (whether i messaged you or vice versa), I still would have said the same exact things he did.

Thanks for trying, though.

Preach it stopbringingmedown. God forbid someone give you a compliment and respectfully apologize when it “offends” your special snowflake requirements for conversation on a DATING website. 

Jesus. If only I had a gif for how hard I’m rolling my motherfucking eyes right now.

"Slut shaming", pfft. Yeah, okay. I don’t give a fuck that they’re only on there for casual sex, I take issue with their stupid first message and then, their contention that, " Hey sexy. Wanna fuck?" is a conversation starter when I have a profile that says, "Don’t send me one liners, don’t send me a sexual first message". It is gross. It’s the online equivalent of the stranger who starts giving you incredibly sexual "compliments" on the train. And again, the suggestion that women should just " ignore" shit like that is patently offensive.